Lost in Italy

OK, so I’m not lost… but I am in Italy, and it feels like I’ve been wandering in the wilderness up to this point in my life.

Let’s get the boring part over with. I arrived in Italy almost 27 years ago (that means I’ve been living here more than half my life!). I lived in Milan for about a year and a half, then I moved to a small town about 30km south of the city, then to an even smaller town a little bit further south.

So now I live in an area called “Il Lodigiano”. Not the beautiful hills of Tuscany for me, no; rather, the Po Valley, a highly agricultural area that is as flat as a pancake, for as far as you can see. Though on a clear day, you can see the Alps in the distance, which is very picturesque! But usually the fog in the winter and the haze of humidity in the summer obscures the horizon.

The Lodigiano area may be lacking in mountain scenery but it is rich in many other things: food, wine, historical cities and fascinating people. I’ve created this blog to talk about all of these things and much more, seen and experienced from my point of view.

Bit by bit, I’ll also tell you about my journey in the wilderness, but my aim is to entertain you with tales from this little-known area of Italy. And maybe take a detour every now and then to cities in other nearby regions.

Under Writing Projects, you can see what I’m currently working on – whether it’s one of my own books or editing someone else’s book.

And every now and then I’ll write a review on a book by an independent author who I think deserves a mention!

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