I haven’t written an article in a while, as I’ve been pretty busy with translating work and writing my second book. Well, trying to work and write. My auto-immune disease decided to flare up over the last week or so, making day-to-day living particularly difficult. It would seem I’m over the worst now, fingers crossed!

Today, because I’m feeling tired and drained, I’m going to have a moan about something that I never experienced before living in the Lodigiano area. Church bell towers. Yes, they’re pretty to look at, yes, they’re a very characteristic part of the landscape…


…but why do they need to chime every hour and half hour (and sometimes every quarter hour) day and night, 24/7? Why does this not bother the Italians? And why does this bother me so much, you might ask? Because I have a bell tower about 100m from my house. It’s the only part of the old church that remains, the new one having been built a couple of kilometres away in the town centre… without a bell tower. So while the priest is enjoying his lie-in on a Sunday morning, the bell tower near me starts ringing out its bright, chirpy songs at 6.30am. Every day. For a light sleeper like me, it’s not much fun. Just for the record, I think bell towers are beautiful to look at. This is the one near my house:


But I wish the darn thing would let me sleep once in a while!


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