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On Thursday, my husband and I went to the book fair, Tempo di Libri, in Milan. After a lot of controversy between Milan and Turin (the original site of the book fair), it finally opened last week. So obviously, there was a lot of expectation about this important event! Did it live up to all the hype?

Yes and no. The fair itself was enormous, and pretty impressive from the outside.


Inside there were all the big names in publishing, as you’d expect. Giunti, Mondadori, Rizzoli, Newton Compton, and many more.

IMG_20170420_113921 There were also some smaller publishers, and even a stand of independent authors who’d got together and were selling their books. There were also author presentations, cooking demonstrations and activities for kids. We must have walked around the whole thing about four times and still probably didn’t see everything! There were books for every type of reader – so many in fact, that it was all slightly overwhelming.

For me, the highlight was finding a small publisher, SEM, that had only just opened a few months previously, and finally I found some books I’d never heard of before or seen in bookshops. Whilst the big publishers didn’t offer discounts or any other promotion, this smaller publisher gave us a substantial discount on two of the books we bought, a free mug, a couple of pencils and a cloth bag to carry it all in. I really can’t understand why the big companies couldn’t have done something similar!

This is the book haul we came away with:


Two from the big publishers, three from the small publisher, and one from the independent authors’ stand. Now I just have to find some time to read them all, my tbr list is getting out of control!


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  1. Thanks for reading, Nicole! Yes, it’s a shame they were only there to make money and not engage readers. We were just left to wander around and buy their books!


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