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On this blog, I only post reviews for books by indie authors that I’ve really enjoyed reading, and my ratings are always 4 or 5 stars. I’m honest in my reviews and point out the positive things about the books and what I liked. If I don’t finish a book, or I can’t give it at least 4 stars, then I don’t post a review here.

However, the one thing I see over and over again are books that haven’t been through a proofreader or an editor, and are full of spelling mistakes, incorrect words, and punctuation that’s either missing or used wrongly. Some of the most common are it’s instead of its, or vice-versa, reign instead of rein, ‘s for plurals, misplaced capital letters…the list goes on.

I know that no book is perfect (even traditionally-published books have typos!), and I find errors in my own books that I correct as soon as I notice them. But if I can give one word of advice to indie authors, it would be to get your books proofread, as a minimum, before publishing. If you shop around, you’ll find someone who will fit your budget – although always ask for recommendations, as cheap doesn’t mean good. I’m also a translator, as well as a writer, and I’ve had clients come to me with ‘translated’ documents I ‘just need to check over’ that would make you cry.

As you can see from the footer, I am also a proofreader – that isn’t why I’m writing this article. I also know a fantastic editor, Joanie Chevalier, who, like me, offers good-quality services at affordable prices for indie authors. (OK, plug over.) I’m writing this article to try and convince authors that getting their work proofread is an essential part of the publishing process, both for their reputation as a writer and for readers.

This year, I’ve decided to award a Pink Quill Book Pick badge to those books I read that are well-written and well-edited, with a minimal amount of typos and errors. I’ve awarded two so far, and I hope to be giving many more during the year!

Whether you’re an author or a reader, what do you think?


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  1. Sounds great! I know that my Gold/Silver/Bronze Acorns and the Golden Squirrel Awards have been a huge hit with readers and authors alike.

    I also fully agree with you on the issue of editing and proofreading. Some of the things I’ve seen are enough to make me twitch.

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    1. Thank you! I just want to let readers know when I’ve read an exceptionally good quality book, and this seems the best way to do it. I’m glad to hear that it’s appreciated by both authors and readers. 🙂

      Ditto the twitching!

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  2. You are totally correct there and it needs to be heard by people starting out. I wish editors also came with like a certification like you would for a plumber here in the UK, so you know that you are paying for a quality service. X

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    1. Absolutely. So many writers are conned by so-called editors, that’s why I suggest you go with those who are recommended to you. x


  3. Your badge is a great idea! Unfortunately, so many writing groups on Facebook are telling authors it’s okay to not have an editor – writing is an art and people will look past the mistakes because they love your story. This is rarely true, and anything we can do to encourage authors to love and perfect their craft is awesome! Keep spreading the positivity and encouragement! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you! I know editors and proofreaders cost money, but it’s an investment that’s worth making. People won’t look past mistakes, and indie authors get a bad reputation because of that.


  4. I am starting with my new editor at the end of this month after a crazy journey so far and couldn’t be more excited. I think finding a quality editor is so important and can make a huge difference xx

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  5. It is a great idea and advice. Before I joined a wonderful writer’s group I did not understand the importance of an editor and would easily have fallen into the trap of ‘readers will look past errors’ advice.

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    1. Readers are less forgiving than people would have you believe, and rightly so. This is why a good proofreader and editor are essential!

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  6. I agree 100% with this. I don’t know when or if my own book will be published but I would be mortified if it went out with mistakes in it. I’m an English teacher but I’m not an editor or a proofreader. Use the professionals.

    As a reader I must admit I can be a bit unforgiving when spotting an error in a book and I expect other readers feel the same.

    The badge sounds like a great idea!

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  7. I agree completely with your observations regarding the need for proofreading and editing. I am fortunate to have the assistance of several beta readers who are persnickety about grammar, spelling, usage and punctuation in addition to furnishing constructive comments on the story.

    It also helps that I’m a self-styled grammar nazi.

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    1. Me too Phyllis – I hired a professional editor for my book, then my beta readers helped with the rest. But a couple of errors still slipped through, that I’ve now put right!


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