#book review: Time for True Love by Mette Barfelt

My review for Time for True Love by Mette Barfelt, 5/5 stars.

Having read the first Solvik book, I was looking forward to reading the sequel, and I wasn’t disappointed. These cozy romances, set in a fictional town in Norway, are a great read, with characters you can relate to. It’s also lovely to read about a different culture, a way of living that many of us are no longer used to, where the shops are closed on Sundays!

Sara wants to follow her ambition of setting up a bakery in Solvik, but doesn’t want to ruin the livelihood of the town’s only other bakery. Add in an interfering health freak, a possible future boyfriend, and an Italian ex-boyfriend, and the story gets very interesting! The characters all have their own personality, most likable, some less so, and you find yourself drawn into their lives.

This is a lovely story that will have you reaching for the cinnamon buns while you read, with mouth-watering recipes at the end of some of the cakes mentioned in the book. Who cares about the calories?!

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