Book Review|The Madness|Helen Pryke

A great review for The Madness by Cooking The Books!


I always love it when Helen produces a new book, regardless of length. This creepy short story is her latest offering. Available on Amazon or free if you sign up to her newsletter. Links at the end!

The Madness Published 10th February 2020 Publisher Self published (KDP)Pink Quill Books Edition Kindle 29 pages GenreHorror/Thriller PurchaseLink Https://
I fear for my sanity. The shadows speak to me, telling me their secrets, terrible secrets I don’t want to hear. The mirrors are worse, for there I see their faces.

When Nick and Anita inherit Belton Manor, they can’t wait to start restoring it to its former glory.

They don’t know it was built on the site of an asylum for the insane.

Anita hears voices whispering in her ear and sees shadows where no shadow should be. Then the nightmares begin.

Belton Manor hides a secret. A secret that…

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