#BookReview for A Starlit Summer by Kate Frost

My review for A Starlit Summer by Kate Frost, 5/5 stars.

I absolutely loved this story. Set in Cornwall, the descriptions take you away from the chaotic, humdrum city life and transport you to sandy beaches, picturesque ports, and the perfectly named Bramble Cottage.

The narrative is full of beautiful descriptions:

The night was starlit, the sea an endless black, the only colour the white surf catching the moonlight as it foamed onto the beach.

I also love how the author uses her own experiences on sets to bring the magic of film making to us, showing the dark as well as the glamorous side of being on TV.  And the mix of characters is just right, each one bringing warmth, or bitchiness, to the story.

This is a beautifully written, heart-warming story that evokes memories of endless summer days and true love. A 5-star read for me that I highly recommend.

Out on the 14 July, A Starlit Summer is only 99c/99p to preorder at the moment!




2 thoughts on “#BookReview for A Starlit Summer by Kate Frost

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  1. Sounds wonderful, so I went to preorder it, and it seems I’d already seen it somewhere and preordered it! I shall look forward to reading it now.


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