#BookReview for The Amsterdam Affair by Kate Frost

My review for The Amsterdam Affair by Kate Frost, 5/5 stars.

I love Kate Frost’s Romantic Escape series, and this one is just as beautifully descriptive as the others. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but I could easily visualise the colourful houses and myriad of canals from Kate’s writing.

Iris, the protagonist, has a good life. She lives with her partner Will in a house they have just finished renovating, and has a well-paid career. So when Will says he has a surprise for her, the last thing she’s expecting is a move to Amsterdam!

While Iris takes advantage of the situation to immerse herself in the sights and beauty of Amsterdam and rekindle her creative spark, she starts to see another side of Will. I loved the character development of these two, how one grows while the other is bound by petty jealousies and selfishness.

Beautifully written, this is a more than a story of self-discovery. It also shows the subtle warning signs of abuse, of how easy it is to lose your identity while trying to fit in and please others, of how sometimes you should trust your instincts and follow them, and live the life you want. A wonderful, heartwarming story that I highly recommend!


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