#BookReview for Lost In Translation by Audrey Davis

My review for Lost In Translation by Audrey Davis, 5/5 stars. It also earns a Pink Quill Book Pick badge (click here for more information.)

I’ve read all of Audrey Davis’ books, and I love how she writes characters who are completely relatable, and situations that make you laugh out loud or cringe with embarrassment. Lost in Translation is a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed!

When Charlotte’s husband, Dom, drops the bombshell that they’re moving to Switzerland, Charlotte is upset, but determined to make the best of a difficult situation. Their two young sons, Alastair and Robson, are adorable, each with their own quirks that bring humour and fun to the story. Charlotte is a normal, insecure, forty-year-old woman who has given up her own career to stay home and be a full-time mother, while Dom is…domineering and arrogant, but weak-willed and bullying, are some descriptions that come to mind!

As always, there’s a lot of humour among the sadder moments, some witty observations on life as an ex-pat, wonderful characters, and beautifully described scenery, with lashings of hot chocolate and exquisite pastries that will make your mouth water. It’s a chance to get away from the everyday normal things and lose yourself for a few hours in a great read. Highly recommend!


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