#BookReview for #TheTuscanHouse #NetGalley by Angela Petch

My review for The Tuscan House by Angela Petch, 5/5 stars.

Having read and loved the other books in Angela Petch’s Tuscan series, I knew I would be for a treat with The Tuscan House. The author writes a beautifully descriptive narrative of the area in Tuscany, with plenty of research into the people and their lives in that era.

This is the haunting story of locals and partigiani fighting to survive in the Second World War. The Germans have taken over the area, and people’s once-tranquil lives are now full of hardship, But the author has done a fantastic job of showing how people’s resilience shines through even in the harshest times, and how hard people fought to save their country and their dignity.

This is a love story, but it is also so much more. We see the harsh brutality of war and the lengths desperate people will go to, but also compassion and a willingness to help others, even when it could mean death. The characters, and their lives, will remain with you for a long time after you’ve finished reading. Highly recommend.


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  1. Many thanks for taking the time to review my new book. Your support means an awful lot to me. So pleased to see your Healer’s books riding high in the charts. I love Italy.

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