#BookReview for Hidden Solace by Karl Drinkwater

My review for Hidden Solace, book #3 in the Lost Solace series, by Karl Drinkwater, 5/5 stars. It also earns a Pink Quill Book Pick badge (click here for more information.)

I’ve loved this series since the first book, and have been (impatiently) waiting for the final book/books to come out. This is book #3 (there’ll be six in total), and it didn’t disappoint!

Opal and Clarissa have been taken prisoner by Aseides, a sadistic, unpleasant man who uses social niceties as part of his torture. Opal is on form with her sarcastic humour and refusal to be tamed, whatever they do to her.

And boy, do they make her suffer in this book! Just when I think Drinkwater won’t take it any further, he does. There are a couple of ‘ouch’ and ‘ew’ scenes, and also a ‘wow!’ moment when an identity is revealed.

I can’t say too much as I don’t want to add spoilers, but if you loved the other books in the series, you’re really going to enjoy this one. And if you haven’t read them, give them a try! They’re not your typical sci-fi – Drinkwater is a master of getting into the psyche of his characters, and his narrative makes you think more about the world around you.

Highly recommend!

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