#BookReview for Reflecting on Moments in Time by Alistair Birch

My review for Reflecting on Moments in Time by Alistair Birch, 5/5 stars.

I loved this collection of poems from Alistair Birch. There’s something for everyone, from funny, lighthearted poems that will make you chuckle, to emotional ones that you can tell are written from the heart, to observations on life and people that will make you think.

Birch’s poetry is easy to read, and the book is a pleasure to dip into during a busy day to take a break from the chaos around, or while sitting down on the sofa with a cup of coffee. A wonderful collection of poems that I highly recommend to everyone.


#BookReview for The Watson Letters: Murder on Mystery Island by Colin Garrow

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My review for The Watson Letters Volume 5: Murder on Mystery Island, 5/5 stars. It also earns a Pink Quill Book Pick badge (click here for more information.)

This is the second book in the series I’ve read, and I loved it! The author does a fantastic job of taking the original characters and weaving a completely new layer onto them, with incredible results. Full of wit, dry British humour, and a smattering of innuendo, plus quite a few bodies for Holmes and Watson to deal with, this is a story everyone will enjoy.

Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade all make an appearance, along with the Queen of crime, Agatha Christie. But my favourite has to be Mary Watson, with her inimitable way of reviving someone who’s fainted, and her not-so-innocent comments that will make you laugh out loud.

This is a great read that I highly recommend to everyone!

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#BookReview for Wonky Inn Series, books 1-8 by Jeannie Wycherley

I picked up the first book in the series when the author gave it away for free on Amazon, and was immediately hooked by this charming series. So when I got Kindle Unlimited for 3 months, I made it my mission to read all 8 books!

Alf is such a lovable character, and as the series progresses she overcomes her lack of self confidence, becoming feistier and stronger with each book. Unlucky in love, she has the added benefit of being able to turn annoying exes into toads if she wishes!

Each story has a murder mystery to solve, with the wonky inn and Alf right in the middle of things. There are ghosts, resident and non, vampires, a mysterious association that is trying to drive Alf away, dead bodies turning up, and even an episode of The Great Witchy Cake Off!

Full of dry British humour, great characters (good and bad), love and sadness, each book just gets better and better. I hope there are more to come, after Alf’s Mission Impossible antics in book 8!

These books are great fun to read, reminiscent of Midsomer Murders (with not quite as many deaths!) in their charm and gentle narrative. I highly recommend you pick up the whole series and let yourself be transported to the wonky inn for some well-deserved rest and relaxation!

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Link to book 1, Amazon UK

#BookReview for Self Love: A British Tale of Woe and Wit by TL Clark

My review for Self Love by TL Clark, 5/5 stars.

What a brilliantly funny story, interspersed with some darker moments that make you stop and think. I think a lot of British women will see themselves in Molly – those feelings of insecurity, always apologising for everything, beating yourself up for those silly little mistakes… I could go on!

Molly is bright, funny, witty, with everything going for her, but thoughtless comments from her mother over the years and cruel bullying when she was little have destroyed her self-confidence. But despite that, she still craves what everyone wants – love, happiness, and a better life.

The scene where she receives nasty replies from an online dating site made me sad, and then angry – it may be only fiction, but these things really happen to people. And the guy who thought he was getting lucky because he chose the fat, ugly one – well, I was really hoping Molly would give him a punch in the face.

I loved the way Molly speaks to the reader all the way through, it gives the story a fresh appeal that works really well. An interesting story full of humour and witty remarks, and well written too, I highly recommend it to anyone who loved Eleanor Oliphant!

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