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I met author Sarah Northwood in some Facebook group last year – I can’t even remember which one, how bad is that?! – and we clicked right away. We kept seeing each other in various posts and waving hi, and she was the first author friend I made on social media. A year later, it feels as if we’ve been friends forever.

I picked up one of her books when it was on a free promotion, and loved it. Sarah has a fresh, unique writing style that draws you into her stories and keeps you turning the pages to the end. Her psychological thrillers have twists that will shock you, and scenes that you can’t imagine coming out of someone who’s so sweet! I’ve since read all her books, and loved every single one.

I had the honour to work with Sarah on She’s Not Gone, a psychological thriller with a paranormal twist, and I consider this her best one yet. I hope she writes more of this kind!

Sarah writes children’s books and poetry as well. Her poetry is down-to-earth, heart-warming and uplifting that will appeal to almost anyone, and her children’s books are perfect for younger kids. This talented woman also plays the piano extraordinarily well, creating her own pieces that she showcases on Sound Cloud.

Click here for Sarah’s Amazon author page to see all her amazing books!

Visit Sarah’s Facebook author page and leave her a unicorn gif to say hi!
And here’s her poetry Facebook page.

But most of all, Sarah is a wonderfully supportive person, always sending messages when you’re down and unicorn gifs to help celebrate others’ successes. So this is my way of saying thank you to a gorgeous friend – I’m so pleased we met on Facebook, and I hope we can meet some day in real life too.enchanted-unicorn-thank-you-notes-bx-93559

The Sisters of Hex series by Bea Paige

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Author Bea Paige (aka Kelly Stock) introduced me to the RH (Reverse Harem) genre when she asked me to proofread her books for her. I’d never actually heard of it before (what a sheltered life I lead…). In case you don’t know what it is either – there must be someone else out there who’s never heard of it – it’s a story with one woman and several men.

I’d already helped Kelly with her Soul Guide series (click here to see the books on Amazon) and love her writing and her ideas, so I was more than happy to proofread this series as well. You can see my review of the first book in the Soul Guide series here.

In the Sisters of Hex series, the first three books revolve around Accacia, a young woman with a disorder that means she can’t go out in sunlight, and three men from another world, Ezra, Rhain and Devin, who are vampires. Their world, Ever Vale, is under threat and five girls must fulfill a prophecy if they are to save it.

Accacia becomes stronger in each book, as she slowly develops a determined, feisty character, which she needs to keep her three men under control! I love these books because they’re well written, with a great story that keeps you turning the pages, and a couple of scenes that might leave you having to lie down for a while!

Each set of three books will concentrate on a different girl and her men, and I can’t wait to see how the story develops. In Accacia’s Bite the story is already getting darker with some sinister undertones, adding an edge of uncertainty as to where the author is going to take us.

Each book has got 5/5 stars and a Pink Quill Book Pick badge from me, not because of my involvement with them but because they truly are a great read. (See this article if you want to know more about the Pink Quill badge.)

For more information about these books, you can go to her author page on Amazon. Even if you don’t normally read PNR or RH, I think you’ll love both the Soul Guide and Sisters of Hex series!

Pink Quill Book Picks

On this blog, I only post reviews for books by indie authors that I’ve really enjoyed reading, and my ratings are always 4 or 5 stars. I’m honest in my reviews and point out the positive things about the books and what I liked. If I don’t finish a book, or I can’t give it at least 4 stars, then I don’t post a review here.

However, the one thing I see over and over again are books that haven’t been through a proofreader or an editor, and are full of spelling mistakes, incorrect words, and punctuation that’s either missing or used wrongly. Some of the most common are it’s instead of its, or vice-versa, reign instead of rein, ‘s for plurals, misplaced capital letters…the list goes on.

I know that no book is perfect (even traditionally-published books have typos!), and I find errors in my own books that I correct as soon as I notice them. But if I can give one word of advice to indie authors, it would be to get your books proofread, as a minimum, before publishing. If you shop around, you’ll find someone who will fit your budget – although always ask for recommendations, as cheap doesn’t mean good. I’m also a translator, as well as a writer, and I’ve had clients come to me with ‘translated’ documents I ‘just need to check over’ that would make you cry.

As you can see from the footer, I am also a proofreader – that isn’t why I’m writing this article. I also know a fantastic editor, Joanie Chevalier, who, like me, offers good-quality services at affordable prices for indie authors. (OK, plug over.) I’m writing this article to try and convince authors that getting their work proofread is an essential part of the publishing process, both for their reputation as a writer and for readers.

This year, I’ve decided to award a Pink Quill Book Pick badge to those books I read that are well-written and well-edited, with a minimal amount of typos and errors. I’ve awarded two so far, and I hope to be giving many more during the year!

Whether you’re an author or a reader, what do you think?


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