The Healer’s Legacy is coming soon!

You can now preorder book #5 in the Healer series, The Healer’s Legacy. It will also be available in Kindle Unlimited from the 16th August, and as a paperback soon.

Here’s the blurb:

From medieval times to present day, the Healer saga spans generations of the Innocenti family, telling the stories of the women healers whose lives are entwined with legends, curses, and tragedy.

A healer should do no harm. But Gemma Innocenti wants revenge.

Stricken with grief after her mother’s death and forced from her home by the witch hunters, Gemma makes the arduous journey from Tuscany to her uncle’s house in Avignon with her mare, Ombra. Travelling alone and with the threat of danger ever present, she is determined nothing will stop her from getting her vengeance.

When the past catches up with her, she must leave France and travel to England. Retracing the first healer’s steps, she finds witchcraft and friendship where she least expects it.

However, the haunting song of the Dragonfly Grove tugs at her heart, and she knows that one day she will return. And then she discovers that the silver dagger that Morgana hid years before once again threatens her family…

Meanwhile, Jennifer is writing a book about the healers. Gemma’s story intrigues her. What happened to the dagger and why does it hold a deadly power over the healers?

When past and present collide, Jennifer realises she must find the dagger and destroy the centuries-old curse. But time is running out and her family is in danger.

Is this the end of the healers?

Don’t miss this enthralling finale of the Healer saga.

#BookReview for Queenie of Norwich by LK Wilde

My review for Queenie of Norwich by LK Wilde, 5/5 stars.

What a wonderful story! The character of Queenie jumps off the pages from the very start, full of life and with a sharp wit (and even sharper tongue!). This is life in another era, much tougher than anything most of us will experience, and at times it is heartbreaking.

Based on a true story, I didn’t realise just how much it meant to the author until I saw the photo at the end. It is written with passion and love, and you can tell the author has poured her soul into every word. She has brought Queenie to life for a new generation of readers, and given us an insight into times gone by. I didn’t know what to expect when I started this book, but I didn’t imagine to be quite so affected by these wonderful characters. Highly recommend.

#NetGalley #BookReview for #AnItalianDream by Kate Frost

My review for An Italian Dream by Kate Frost, 5/5 stars.

Kate Frost’s books are a joy to read! Her vivid descriptions and true-to-life characters take you to exotic destinations, all through the pages of a book. From the sandy beaches and luxury villas of Capri to the fresh mountain air of Tuscany, Kate has a talent for making you feel as though you are really there, tasting the delicious meals and cool, sparkling wine.

There are two protagonists in this book, Stella and Fern, both very different yet with similar vulnerabilities. When Stella wins the lottery, she takes best friend Fern, and their two daughters, on a luxury trip to the Italian island of Capri. But as the story unfolds, secrets are revealed and their friendship is at risk.

I loved Fern, and Edith was a wonderful character who brought charm and warmth to the story. I found Stella harder to like, especially after certain revelations, but the art retreat, the villa with its pool, the Italian playboys’ luxury yacht, were a great distraction!

Beautifully written, with well-thought out storylines, and a descriptive narrative that will leave you breathless. This series of books by Kate Frost are pure escapism, and in these times of uncertainty they are a wonderful way to leave the real world behind for a while. Highly recommend.

#BookReview for A Wish For Jo by Audrey Davis

My review for A Wish For Jo by Audrey Davis, 5/5 stars.

I love this series! This time it’s Jo turn to have a genie in her life, in the form of feisty Aaliyah, who has no problem telling everyone what’s wrong with them, but also has a heart of gold (sometimes).

Full of great characters, a bit of innuendo, and witty one-liners that will make you snort, the author has created feel-good stories that also touch on more serious topics. With a little bit of magic and a lot of humour, love, and friendship, this is a great read I highly recommend!

#BookReview for The Cottage On Winter Moss by Allie Cresswell

A beautifully written story set in the past and present, set in the heart of Cumbria during the bleak months of winter. Dee is a writer who is searching for some peace to write her next book, and ends up in a remote village. But once she settles into Winter Cottage, the lives of the locals intertwine with the musings of her mind and she finds herself writing a story that she isn’t certain should be told.

The characters become real as you are pulled into the pages – Dee, fed up with her errant boyfriend, Mrs Harrop, the nosy shopkeeper, Marjorie and her daughter Olivia, dark, brooding Jamie, even Bob the dog – and the story weaves between past and present, slowly revealing how events from the past intertwine with the present.

Allie Cresswell writes a beautifully descriptive narrative, and breathes life into her characters, all while tugging at your heartstrings with a heartrending story. This book is perfect for anyone who loves historical fiction and dual timelines. Highly recommend.

#BookReview for The Watcher by Lisa Sell

My review for The Watcher by Lisa Sell, 5/5 stars.

What an incredibly tense read! When Sophie decides she needs a break from everything after a miscarriage, she rents an apartment in Harmony House. Close to the seaside, far away from her past, she can’t wait for the chance to relax and concentrate on herself for once.

But her new neighbours aren’t what they seem. Or are they? More is gradually revealed as the story progresses, and just when you think you’ve guessed everything, the author throws in another twist! And the chapters written from the antagonist’s point of view are particularly creepy!

Cleverly written, and with plenty of twists, this is another great read from Lisa Sell. I’ve loved all her books so far, and look forward to reading many more! Highly recommend.

#BookReview for We Are Saul by Richard Dee

My review for We Are Saul by Richard Dee, 4/5 stars.

Another great read from Richard Dee, with plenty of tension and twists to keep you gripped until the end.

When Saul is involved in a near-fatal accident and ends up paralysed from the neck down, he thinks his life is over. Then an offer arrives, and gives him a second chance at life. But has he sold his soul to the devil?

The story deals with issues that make you pause for thought. Is what the doctors are doing ethically or morally wrong? There are also hidden agendas that make you change your mind. With a couple of twists and a great ending, this is a book I recommend!

#BookReview for The Boy Who Steals Houses by C.G. Drews

My review for The Boy Who Steals Houses by C.G. Drews, 5/5 stars.

This book broke my heart! From the first pages Sam enters your soul, his courage, his heart-rending loneliness, his struggle to make some kind of life in this cruel world while looking after his older brother, Avery. But Sam is only 15, and Avery is autistic, and sometimes your strength and courage come to an end, no matter how hard you try to keep going.

And when the De Lainey family come into Sam’s life, that is the moment that your heart breaks even more for him. His desperate yearning for even a small piece of the joy and companionship they have, of that feeling of belonging, comes through in every sentence, every action, and you find yourself hoping against hope that he can have it.

I loved Sam and Avery’s relationship, their special closeness, how Sam knows exactly how Avery will react to everything and does all he can to help him. And the De Lainey family is chaotic joy, even though they have their own heartache to bear.

A wonderful story that I highly recommend to everyone!

#BookReview for If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

My review for If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo, 5/5 stars.

I wish I could give this book more stars (I rarely write this in a review!). I took my time reading it, not wanting the story to end but also wanting to see how it finished. You can’t help feeling for Amanda, for the difficulties she’s had to overcome, for what she’s been through, whilst turning every page with the dread that it will happen all over again.

Amanda was born a boy. This is her story, told in flashbacks between past and present, and it is heartbreaking, sweet, tragic and beautiful. This is a must-read for everyone, whether you are cis, trans, or anything in between.

The book deals with some difficult topics such as a suicide attempt (there is a trigger warning at the very beginning), but the author includes it in a sensitive way. This is not a gritty, dramatic book about trans people, but a book that everyone can read to further their understanding, both of themselves and the people around them. This is an incredible read that I highly recommend.

#NetGalley #BookReview #ThePathofThorns by A.G. Slatter

My review for The Path of Thorns by A.G. Slatter, 4/5 stars.

A beautifully written story with hints of a fairy tale, with wolves, witches, and enchantments. Full of intrigue and family secrets, the narrative keeps you hooked as more is slowly revealed.

Asher Todd arrives at the Morwood’s manor to school the three young children. But she has ulterior motives, and a plan which cannot fail. Asher is a protagonist full of flaws, desperate for the love she was denied as a child, and hides a secret that will mean her downfall if it is ever discovered. Held to a promise made on a deathbed, she must carry out certain practices, however distasteful.

Although slow at times, the story was gripping enough to keep me reading to the end. There are a few twists along the way, and the ending is everything it should be. An enthralling story. Recommend.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the chance to read this ARC.

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