Writing Projects

I’ve recently published the third novel in The Innocenti Saga, A Dragonfly in Winter. This is the first in a series of novellas following the lives of various healers throughout the centuries. I’m hoping to publish a second one later this year.

I’m currently working on my next novel, which will be in a completely different genre! It’s a suspense/psychological thriller, and I’m really enjoying writing it. I’m about halfway through, so it should be finished by late spring/early summer.

I’m also editing the Italian version of The Dragonfly Grove, La Selva delle Libellule, which will be out later this year.

My second children’s book, Adventure in Malasorte Castle, was published last on this year, under the pseudonym Julia E. Clements. An audiobook version of Dreamland was also published. I’m also planning a sequel to Dreamland! You can find more details on my Facebook pages:
Pink Quill Books and Julia E. Clements Author Page

I updated and republished my short story, Autumn Sky, earlier this year and it’s available to download for free at all online retailers. There’s also a printed booklet version.

The novels I’ve published so far are:

Walls of Silence
The Healer’s Secret (Book 1 of The Innocenti Saga)
The Dragonfly Grove (Book 2 of The Innocenti Saga)
A Dragonfly in Winter (Book 3 of The Innocenti Saga)
Autumn Sky (a permafree short story)
Muri di Silenzio
Il Segreto della Guaritrice
Cielo d’Autunno (un racconto breve, sempre gratis)

You can find all my books by clicking on the covers at the side of the page.

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  1. Thank you! Italy is a beautiful country, it’s a pity I’ve only seen a fraction of it! The people are lovely, and the food is as good as Italians say it is. The book is coming along nicely, still a lot of work to do, though.


    1. Nice to meet you, too! Yes, Italy is great and the people are lovely – I’ve lived here so long that I’m more Italian than British! The only thing I don’t like is the climate, here in the north it’s very hot and humid in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.


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