#BookReview for Lost Tales of Solace books 1-4 by Karl Drinkwater

If you’ve read the two main novels by Karl Drinkwater, Lost Solace and Chasing Solace, you’ll enjoy the four novellas he’s written to expand the story and give us some more background. If you haven’t read them, then do, as they’re great reads!

Here are my reviews for all four novellas, all 5/5 stars. They also earn a Pink Quill Book Pick badge (click here for more information.)

Helene (Lost Tales of Solace Book 1)

It takes us back to the beginning, when Clarissa was an emergent AI who still had to learn much about life – especially how to tell a joke! The interaction between Helene and the AI is just as amusing, descriptive, and wonderful as it is in the other two books, this is Drinkwater at his best!

I love the universe that has been created here, and how each book reveals a little more. I can’t wait for more! Highly recommend.

Grubane (Lost Tales of Solace Book 2)

This is another great addition to the Solace series. Each novella gives us more background to the universe Drinkwater has created, building up to the two main novels.

In Grubane, he has interwoven the story with tactics used in chess, in a clever, intriguing way. It gives us an insight into Grubane’s mind, and leads the story along to its gripping conclusion.

The interaction between the AI and Major Grubane is intelligent, witty, and at times almost childlike, as the AI questions its almost human-like feelings. I loved these two characters – neither is as sterile or emotionless as they seem at the beginning. 

A great read, as ever, from Drinkwater.

Clarissa (Lost Tales of Solace Book 3)

I love the Lost Solace series, and this is my favourite of all the novellas. Written in the voice of ten-year-old Clarissa, it fills in some of the background of Opal’s story.

I enjoy Karl Drinkwater’s books, he has that enviable talent of being able to take on the voice of any protagonist in a truly believable way, and this is shown in Clarissa’s story. It isn’t easy to give each book a unique narrative, yet he does it in a way that hooks you into the story and leaves you wanting more at the end.

I look forward to reading more of this series, I’m intrigued to see where the author will take us next!

Ruabon (Lost Tales of Solace Book 4)

Yet another great instalment in the Lost Solace series, Ruabon is one of those rare books where you feel like you already know the character from the first page. It’s incredible how Drinkwater is able to create a character and story that instantly pulls you in, and leaves you feeling bereft at the end, all in the pages of a novella.

This is the story of a man who, in his own quiet way, fights against the system and the perpetual boredom of his humdrum life. I loved the drones he reprogrammed, each with their own character and energy, each adding a wonderful touch of humour to the story.

Written in Drinkwater’s inimitable style, this is another Lost Solace episode I highly recommend!

You can find all the books in the series at all online retailers.


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