#BookReview for The Second Coming by Brian O’Gorman

My review for The Second Coming by Brian O’Gorman, 5/5 stars. It also earns a Pink Quill Book Pick badge (click here for more information.)

Where do I begin with this review? I love Brian O’Gorman’s books – the character development is on a par with Stephen King, the stories keep you hooked right from the beginning, and he loves to surprise and shock the reader in equal measure!

I had high expectations for The Second Coming, and it doesn’t disappoint! This is an epic story of the eternal fight between good and evil, with normal, down-to-earth characters who are thrown into the most extraordinary circumstances. When an earthquake hits the city of Stenfield early one morning, two men are affected in completely different ways. While one discovers he has the power to heal, the other discovers he can cause mayhem and chaos.

This is a story of redemption and self-discovery, but it is also an insight into the fragility of humans’ minds, of the thin line between good and evil, of how easily people can be turned against one another. There are many layers to the story, each character’s life affecting the others’, subtle actions causing catastrophic events later. As with all the author’s books, each time you read it you discover more and spot the little things that contribute and add depth to the overall story.

There are a few shocking scenes, and others that will have you holding your breath, but the narrative keeps you turning the pages right to the stunning end. With Brian O’Gorman’s books, you can never be sure how they’ll finish, and he definitely keeps you on your toes with this one!

A well-written, brutally honest read that will make you think, and remain with you for a long time after you’ve read it. Highly recommend!

You can preorder The Second Coming now, and it’s out on the 19th March:

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